Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1st Anniversary of his 25th birthday

Yep! My brother Lee got to celebrate that milestone.
He turned 50! Hard to think my baby brother is 50- yikes I feel old.

His wonderful wife Sherri, was able to pull off a complete surprise party for him, even flying in his oldest daughter Dajah in from the west coast.
Dajah and her boyfriend

His birthday was on Thursday, and so as not to draw suspicion they celebrated his birthday with the immediate family.
Sherri had made plans for them to go to the lake on Saturday, so she told him not to make any other plans for THAT day. He was kinda thinkin' she had something up her sleeve for Saturday.

NOPE! She planned it for Friday night! She took the day off to prepare a marvelous spread of appetizer foods

She sent him to the store on his way home from work so as to delay his arrival- that way everyone was there waiting. He pulled in the driveway, normal number of cars in it... and walked in to the surprise!!!!!!!!!

That is Everyone but me.... I arrived about 5 minutes later. It normally takes me 4.5 hours to drive down to Fredericksburg VA, but that was the Easter weekend and Good Friday no less- so it seemed everyone else was on the road.
It worked out great though, because I walked in his house, after he had just been SURPRISED by about 30 of his friends & family and he was still trying to take it all in. I was not 5 feet in the house when he rounded the corner and saw me and smiled great big and said "Hey, glad you made it!" and hugged me. As he hugged me- it dawned on him WHO I was and he leaned back and said "What are YOU doing here?" really surprised now. I said "I heard there was a party- it's not everyday your baby brother turns 50!" He gave me a huge hug..... so nice. I had not seen him for nearly 2 yrs. It was a really good hug. :)

After mingling for a bit- it was time for cake and to open gifts.

Lee & Sherri

He got some good gifts, this one cracked me up the most.

Years ago his wife and kids made him a quilt that was special- it represented home and the Navy. It was square in size and not very long to be able to nap with. He had once told me he would like to have a long quilt he could wrap under his feet, and pull up to his chin.... he is close to 6 ft tall so that's a long quilt.

For this birthday, I made him a long scrappy quilt, using fabrics that had meaning in his life.
He brews beer, worked in the Navy as a diver, and still works with the military, loves to travel, cook and loves the beach, mountains, hockey and much more. Let's just say he was quite pleased with this quilt.


Lee's 50th 2011
It was too long to hang vertical- so you can still see the fabrics this way.

It was a great evening, lots of great food, good friends and fun memories.
I only wish it would have lasted longer. I had to leave the next morning- well afternoon since we didn't even get up till 10am... (we had that much fun till 3 am)
It was sure good to see him and help him celebrate his "1st Anniversary of his 25th birthday"
and I plan to get back down there soon and spend a nice long weekend with him and the family.

Thanks for a great time Lee!
Later Darlin'

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Brandy said...

Looks like a wonderful party and a great visit with family.