Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quilts for the victims in Japan

I found a site online thru the Quilter's Newsletter magazine where they were collecting quilts to be sent to the victims of the earthquake and aftermath in Japan.
The deadline was for April 30th, so I had to work hard to get them all done- but I did it....
I went thru all the quilt tops I had, some were mine, some were donated to me by friends who know I make comfort quilts and a few were just donated to me by a friend who was downsizing and had to get rid of stuff- some being quilt tops and backings. I just loaded them on the frame and I just did a quick meander stitch- so I could get them done soon.

So today I mailed off 15 quilts, I only got pics of 13 coz I was in such a hurry....
It was over 25 pounds worth- but I had donations to offset the shipping- AND it is for a good cause.
Here are pic of the quilts I sent. some are baby quilts, some medium size and 2 were large.

Japan Lena  2011
This was made by someone and given to Lena and she donated to me.

Japan Jo pastel  2011
This is a baby size from Jo- she was downsizing and donated a few- Thanks!

Japan Jo red  2011
Another from Jo- size of 50 x 60

Japan Jo flannel  2011
This is a large flannel one from Jo- 60x70

Japan Dakota 2011
This is one that Giz donated- her daughter Dakota made it.

Japan Giz strip  2011
A strip twist made by Giz

Japan Dawn-Marie 2011
Japan Dawn-Marie red  2011
Dawn-Marie donated both of these for me to use for comfort quilts- DONE!

Japan Neen 3 blue 2011
Japan Neen 1 blue 2011
Neen had sent me blocks from a Mystery quilt she was making and never finished. So I assembled them into these 2 baby quilts to send.

The tops I made are as follows
Japan scrappy 2011
Just some scrappy 6" sqs.

Japan Meg 2011
leftovers from Megs quilt.

Japan Lori purple  2011
And my very 1st quilt I made... hard to look at me mistakes but it was still a good top to quilt and send. I have GREATLY improved over the last 7 years

Wendy sent me 2 quilt tops for this project- and I got them done- they were the last ones and was in such a hurry I thought I had pics of them- but sadly I didn't. I am sorry Wendy, they really turned out nice and I appreciated all you did to help me with this cause- you are a gem!
I do have one pic of part of the baby quilt- I really liked the fabric and inquired of her where she got it, so here is a partial pic.
Wendy's baby quilt

I hope this effort raises ALOT of quilts for these poor folks in Japan. It is so sad what they must be going thru and if I can help by sending a quilt- it was my honor to do so!

I wish I had more time- I could have finished a few more baby quilts. Oh well.
I have some other projects I need to work on.

Later Darlin'


May said...

Lori, Wonderful quilts and such a swift quilting job you did with those 15 quilts, they will be greatly appreicated by who ever receives them. May

Brandy said...

You always make such amazing quilts. The victims in Japan who receive these quilts will feel so blessed. Beautiful work!