Monday, May 16, 2011

What a week...

My kids Dad, Ron bought himself a motorcycle a few months back. One that he could cruise around on- not a crotch rocket....
He has been trying to put some miles on it, getting used to riding again. He agreed to go on a ride in Arkansas last week with a group of friends. They usually fly through the mountains in this area, but agreed to slow down for him.
He lost control on a curve and went off the roadway, thinking he could right himself on the shoulder. Only there was NO SHOULDER- and he went down the hill. You can see the orange marker in this pic- that marks a cement culvert... he missed it, going on the left side of the marker and down the hill. LUCKY!

So once he stopped flipping head over heels he had to climb BACK UP to the top of the hill to get help.

He busted the windshield off the bike as he flipped it

Dented the gas tank when the handle bars bent down into it.

This is the helmet he was wearing- THANK GOD!

He made it up to the roadway, the truck following the group came upon him and called for help. He was taken to Eureka Springs hospital and then flown to Fayetteville AR to the trauma center. He has broken ribs, bleeding from his spleen, a laceration on his liver, a crack in the the outer casing of his kidney and worst of all- a broken C3 vertebrae and significant ligament damage around it.
To make matters worse, he has been on blood thinners because he has a problem with blood clots... and then his lower lobes of his lungs filled with fluid and collapsed.
When they went to do surgery, he spiked a temp and surgery had to be postponed. Needless to say- it ain't been his week!
He finally had his surgery- one week after being admitted. They only did his neck surgery- his spleen finally got it's act together and decided to behave and stopped bleeding.. so it got to stay home...
He finally got out of bed and got to sit in the chair... to the delight of my kids, who have been at his bedside since it happened.

The moved him out of ICU after a week and into a regular room, where he can get up and walk, to help his lungs start clearing up. He has a long road to haul... but he has strong will and it won't be long before he is back to his old self.

The BIGGEST ISSUE IS: Mimi is buying a house- suppose to sign the papers this week and start the painting and work process THIS WEEKEND... and her painter just wrecked his motorcycle!

So I am leaving this next Sat May 21st to go to Tulsa for just over 2 weeks, to help her paint and get this house ready to move into, help her pack where she is renting, and help her move.
Coz her Daddy can't lift a finger! I sure am gonna be sore....

There is a bonus here... I get to see and spend some time with those 2 beautiful grandsons of mine- I know, it's a tough break but I think I can handle it!!! :) :) :) I am so excited to see my kids and families and spend time with those boys again.

So I am trying to finish up some projects before I leave... pack and organize things around here for Rose to function without me.
Kevin finally went back to work last week, limited light duty, since he injured his back last
Jan 30th... been a long recovery for him.

So wish me luck... I got lots to do in a short time.
Wish Ron a speedy recovery- he is gonna need it!

Have a great Memorial Day!
Later Darlin'

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Wish I was planning a trip to Tulsa...i could come help!