Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You mean they actually made carpet THAT color?

For Christmas, Neo-Man and I decided we were buying a new range for ourselves.
See I blew out the front burner on our old electric range this past summer while I was canning. So we really only had 3 burners but with the short they never were reliable. Neither was the over. I burned EVERYTHING!! I hated cooking. (still do but at least it comes out edible)

I did my research and we decided on this gas Maytag model
the blue is the protective tape covering.

But what was truly amazing and SHOCKING was the carpet underneath.
There was tile and a big 220V plug mounted to the floor underneath the old electric range.
When we moved the range and unscrewed the plug LOOK what we found.
I didn't know they made that color carpet- and UGLY green.
Seems my floor is installed on top of the carpet and a thin plywood- and from the looks of it- it is really thin.

Oh well, I have a new gas range and I love it... hard to get used to- but I'm sure I will be cooking more often.... dangit!
No more excuses for me being a bad cook! ha ha ha
Not really. Neo-Man just LOVES to cook more than I do.

AND - We are getting prepared for ANOTHER 6-10 inches of snow!!!

Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

My sweetie loves cooking and is amazing. Me & cooking....well lets just say I've gotten better.