Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow- It only looks pretty

I feel like a broken record- IT SNOWED AGAIN!
I really am tired of snow...
It looks pretty- from inside my heated house...
Snowfall Jan 2011 backyard
The flags are at half staff in honor of the shooting victims in AZ.

I will admit the trees are pretty all laden with snow...
Snowfall Jan 2011 Mrs Egans

You can see the paths Neo-Man has had to plow for the dogs to get around, and they still go over into the snow to do their "business"... then come in with these little snow clods stuck to their under coats... a mess.
Snowfall Jan 2011 driveway

This is the only snowman I made. He is a delayed Christmas gift for Mimi's friend Lori. I will send it out on monday.
Lori's Christmas Snowman

I had to wait to get my new lovely (unnamed) zig-zag machine for Christmas before I could finish this. I really like the way it turned out.
With being sick and all- it has taken me a few weeks.

They are calling for more snow this week... Last week most of Alaska was warmer than New Jersey! Global warming??
Did I say I am sick of snow?

Come on Spring!
Later Darlin'

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