Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cowboys Invade New York City

I have looked forward to this week since last Sept. Like a kid looking forward to Christmas.
While I was in OK- I saw an old friend Kellie and she said she would be in NYC in Jan. and would contact me. She said her husband Gene hauls bulls for the PBR and the new season starts in NYC at Madison Square Garden Jan 7-9th. WOW!!!
I told her to call me and I would show them around if they had any time to sightsee.

She called and said they had thursday open- so I drove up and picked them up. They were staying about an hour outside of NYC- they keep the bulls at the Sussex County Fairgrounds while the PBR is in town. These are her pics- pay no mind to the date- we were trying to change the camera settings and the date got changed...

We headed to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. On the Jersey side you buy your ferry tickets at the old CRRNJ- Central RailRoad of New Jersey terminal.
It is a really cool old building and it still had all the track lines,

This is Kellie & Gene in front of the old track lines.

You board the ferry and ride to Ellis Island first.
This is Kellie and I on the way to Ellis Island.

It was a cold day and it really was not that crowded. We toured the Ellis Island site and then had to wait nearly an hour for the next ferry ride to Liberty Island.
we waited so long that by the time we got to the Statue of Liberty the pedestal was closed so all we could do was walk around the island- which was still cool....
on the ferry ride back I got a great pic of the sunset
I like this one coz you can see the flame in her torch.

I took them back to their hotel, after we went and fed the bulls
We went and had a nice dinner. It was truly a great day to visit with friends.

I was suppose to meet them in NYC the next day for the opening of the PBR 2011 season. But it started snowing and the roads were messy- and I woke up with a killer headache. I believe was due to the storm.

I wanted to be in NYC so bad to see this.... Cowboys in the Big Apple!

and here is Gene down by the chutes when they are about to ride one of the bulls he brought.

So I watched the PBR on tv, while Kellie sat in the stands by herself in Madison Sq Gardens.
All in all I had a great time showing them around and having time to visit with them.

Next year- I get a hotel in the city so I am close enough to go to the event and watch it live with Kellie. I really want to see a PBR event LIVE. I do love cowboys! Thanks Kellie & Gene for a great time seeing the sights.

So it snowed for 2 days this weekend- it is cold and clear outside. Enough reasons for me to stay indoors. My headache is almost gone...

I really need to get in gear and start sewing again. That is my goal for this week.

Well, y'all be safe.
Later Darlin'

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