Saturday, January 1, 2011

Start of a New Year 2011

This pic is not from New Years Eve- but it looks like it could be.
It is from the niece Shannon's pics she took at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego the other day when she went to watch Nebraska play. The fireworks were set off directly behind where they sat.
So I used this pic... pretty cool I thought!

It's a bright sunny morning- cold but not bad for still having snow on the ground. A nice way to start off 2011. Good weather for the Mummer's Parade in downtown Philly.

I went to a friends last night for a small party to celebrate the New Year. About 30 people in a room- music playing and many folks drinking... the sound volume got very loud. So if you wanted to talk- you had to be louder.... Needless to say- I start this year off quietly.
I lost my voice. I know it will return to me- it just does not like to be strained and I really did that last night trying to carry on conversations. We were home before midnight- so the dogs would have us here when the noise makers started in the neighborhood. They are a little skiddish with loud sounds. What a new years eve.

How my brother spent his New Years Eve: My brother is in Iraq again, and yesterday he did the "5/K Bomb Suit Run" to raise money for the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. These are pics of the group.

And this is my brother on the left. Looks like they had a good time. Hopefully they raised alot of money.

This new years day started out sickly for my grandkids and daughter in law. Seems they have caught the stomach bug and keep spreading it back and forth to each other. Hopefully they will be past it SOON!

We will be headed over to my sisters in a bit. Spend time with family today. My sister-in-law and niece are up from VA- so it will be an extended family visit. I look forward to doing alot of listening today... and they will enjoy the quiet.

Later Darlin'

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