Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ending the year 2010

I was looking at my Blog archives, and realized I didn't have many posts for 2010. I actually missed the month of Aug all together and if I don't post in Dec it will go empty also.

I used to seem to have more time to write. I always think of things that might be interesting to post... but time gets away from me and then I start over thinking and adding and before you know it- it's too much to say. So I write nothing.

I have had some friends that stopped writing their blogs. They are also on facebook and just keep up with friends there. I have thought about this- but I'm not sure I am ready to just ditch this endeavor altogether. Some of my friends that read this are not on facebook.

And trust me- it's not like I can't talk about stuff. If you know me- YOU KNOW I CAN YACK!

I think I have to be more diligent about just posting A thought- or A pic- or A project this next year. I think I will attempt to post something once a week. Let's see if I can commit to that and make it work. It's 52 posts..... easy peasy!

But while I have you here- I will show you what I did get for Christmas- I have to admit, it was a good year. Family pic time here... we went to the local Animal Welfare and had our pic with Santa and the dogs.
Family with Santa 2010
Me, Neo-Man, Rose, Tasha, Santa & Duke

First off, Neo-Man and I are getting a new gas range- my canning adventures blew out one of the electric burners on my current range... and it always burned food in the oven. SO We bought one for each other for Christmas... I know- Romantic! Rose got him a new set of pots & pans- he is an easy man to please! And I got him the entire collection of Cheer's on DVD- all 11 seasons. He is a happy man!

He got me this...
electric fryer
yep a new electric skillet. Our old one broke a leg- was to shallow and stuff spilled out often, so now a bigger one.. I like this one.

Last year I wanted one of these but couldn't find the exact right one... so I waited and found it. I ordered it and when the box arrived- I gave it to him unopened and said "He bought it for me" it was his best shopping experience of the season.
iPhone adapter for car stereo
it hooks up to your car FM stereo and then you plug your iPhone/iPod into this port and you then control everything using your stereo buttons and listen directly thru your speakers. I am excited to have this installed- professionally by a friend.

Rose asked me what I wanted- and after long consideration I told her a new sewing machine. Something that would have a wide range of the stitches for the zig-zag needs I have. She told me to find it and she would get it. I looked around and talked to some folks and read up and liked this little Brother model.
Box from new machine
It was on special- so it came with the extension table, lots of extra attachments and other notion stuff. Works for me- see all the things listed on the back of the box. Even a carrying case and she is light weight... Happiness in a box.
back of baox
BUT do you see ALL those stitches listed? How way cool are those!
stitches listed
So my old Janome "Harmony" will go to my friend Carla and now I have to figure a name for this one.... But I am excited to use her!!!

My husband has a very unique eye for jewelery. He surprises me each year with earrings and he did not fail this year.
new jade earrings
He was trying to get these with silver hooks- but not available... otherwise they are PERFECT. a Light jade leaf... I love them.

The real surprise came from my friend Sondra. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HER GIFT!
She gave me knowledge- and independence and was made in the USA.
Book from Sondra
It is a book on Country Wisdom & Know-How, Everything you need to know to live off the land. It is 8,167 useful skills and step by step instructions ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.
I am excited to sit and read thru this. I have friends who want to borrow this- BUT I think they will have to get their own copy... this one is mine! And she sent me new garden gloves... too cool!

And Mimi got me an iTunes gift card- so I was able to load up with new songs I have been wanting.... so when my new car gadget gets installed I will be jamming!! Thanks baby.

I did talk to the kids, Brandy is really sick with the bug- fever and such... so their christmas was off some. The Gkids made out like bandits- but if Brandy had been feeling better they could have shared their time with family- as it was they just stayed home. Which was BEST...

So I am watching the snow fall- we have about 10 inches so far @ 11pm on sunday night and more is falling. I will be inside the next few days... trying out my new machine!

So I hope all of y'all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Now It's on to New Years 2011
Later Darlin'

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Montie said...

OMG! What a coinky-dink, I bought that book about a couple of weeks after your visit, at Steve's Sundry. They had a display set up with that book and a couple of other similar books. Very cool, and good stuff to know for "TEOTWAWKI".