Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lupins lookin' lovely

These are some lupins that I got last year as little seedlings. My sisters neighbor was thinning out his bed of flowers and he gave me some he had dug up. They grew but were small, a few flowers- but NOTHING like this year.

There are purple ones on the plant in the back by the gate


This plant has so many blooms- one stalk has 6 flower buds on it and only one is open. I really like this plant. I guess coz they ARE the same plants as the Texas Bluebonnets.

This is Duke smelling the flowers- he always loves to smell pretty flowers. He is so sweet.

This is my 2 irises that have opened... waiting for my white one and peach one and black one. (really dark dark purple almost black)



here is a pic from LAST YEAR of the Moonlight Glow Iris


And here is Neo Man with his new little rolling cart... ain't it cute with him!
Really it's mine- so I don't leave weeds all over the yard when I pull them... he just used it... ha ha


Here's a question: Do you think my neighbor needs to replace her fence?
This is what the ivy did to it- that and 35 years of weather...

So y'all be sure and stop and smell the flowers....
Later Darlin'

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