Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronald McDonald Childrens House & Pull tabs

I did it! I finally made it to Camden, NJ. to visit the Ronald McDonald House.
I went to drop off the pull tabs that I and numerous friends have been collecting for the past 3 years.

To begin with, I wanted to know how many pounds I had hanging around in zip-bags in the garage, so I poured them all into the BIG zippered bags you get when you buy a comforter for your bed... the REALLY BIG ones... I wound up with 3 bags FULL. this is a 5 gallon paint pail for size ref

111 pounds of pull tabs
I had asked my vet if I could use his dog scales, since they were floor level and went up to 200 pounds- he said sure just come on a day when we don't have appts. So saturday morning was good.
When I went in the vet tech on duty had her Great Dane MoJo there- he was beautiful..
MoJo checking out the pull tabs

He was pretty curious about all those pull tabs. I fed him a cookie- we are friends.

me feeding MoJo a cookie

Drum roll please- the total weigh in was 111 pounds. after I grabbed a small bag from Mikey- I actually delivered 115 pounds.
115 pounds of pull tabs at Ronald McDonald House

I headed to Camden to drop them off at the RMCH. This is a pretty mural on the way there. That is Walt Whitman in the murals lower left corner. Campbell's Soup and RCA are pictured also.
Mural wall in Camden NJ part 1
part 2 of wall

Note: all these pic were taken with my iphone- coz like a dummy- I left my camera at home.

The house is right across the street from Cooper Hospital.
The Ronald McDonald House, Camden NJ
They serve parents and family visiting sick children in 5 of the major hospitals in the Philadelphia area. You can stay in the RMCH for as long as your child is in the hospital. They ask for a $15.00 a day donation to cover the room but if you can't afford it- they don't make you pay.
That is where the money raised help defray some of those expenses. It really is a beautiful place.
They moved into this one just a few years ago when they out grew the old victorian house they had- with not handicap access. It has a fence all the way around the property- so residents can feel safe.

There is a large kitchen area with spaces for each family to have a cabinet for their own foods and a shelf in the fridge for their stuff.
The Kitchen area

This is a really large dining area I couldn't get into one pic. of course they have handicapped access in all areas.
part of the dining area

A large TV room on the main floor.
the tv room

And a nice big visiting room up in the main area of the 1st floor. This is also where the offices are.
front living room

Me with Ronald while on my tour.
me with Ronald McDonald...
They have an elevator to take families up the the bedrooms- which have double beds or bunk beds and a few suites for large families. I didn't want to disturb anyone who was sleeping, so I did not visit the bedroom area.

They have houses all around the country in many cities. They rely on volunteers to help cook and clean the houses. They also rely on donations- food, paper products and of course PULL TABS.
They get between .50-.70 cents a pound for the pull tabs, and this house averages about $400. a month from the recycler....
So if you have a chance to help out... this is really a great cause.
It's as easy as Pulling a tab! I have a new jug started.

Later Darlin'

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