Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been a good week.

Saturday Neo Man returns and my week of bliss comes to an end.
Ahhhh it has been so nice.

I got alot accomplished from my list. The RED bathroom is not PINK, I decided at the last minute to go with a color that would work with the trim piece, it has blue leaves. So I went with a very pale BLUE and I like it, except I had to put 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of BLUE to cover that RED. I like it and I think Rose will like it- it is softer and not so BOLD...

I repainted the frames to be white so they would work in this room. She likes these prints so she will be happy. Neo Man has to help me hang the medicine cabinet- my back is aching and he is much stronger.
And the wood I needed cut, to cover the access panel for the shower- I had the guy at Depot cut it for me... Since I promised Neo Man that while he is away I WILL NOT use the power saws. See I have all my fingers! :)

A project not planned but- I found this wallpaper that matched PERFECT with the curtains and cornice board in the kitchen. Above my cabinets I have a 7 inch space that had funky wallpaper, I removed last year. It was not painted, and I saw this wallpaper that worked PERFECT. I didn't want any seams so I cut it as one long piece at 7 inches and it worked around the room. I had to climb like a monkey- but no one saw me...


He hates wallpaper- oh well, he should have painted it- coz it's covered now.
I have put a single coat of paint on the patio cover (the box)...
And it sucked it up like a sponge, so I have to put one or 2 more coats.


I am using the paint Neo Man told me to- so whatever it takes.
Here you can see the section on the right has 2 coats and the ones on the left only 1...
I can only do a few rows a day- I get a cramp in my neck looking up.
But I had a thought.... I have more of that soft blue left over- I think I will paint the ceiling blue and leave the side posts the white. Kinda like the sky..

I couldn't find the caulk that we bought- it is lost in the garage... Each time I have gone to Depot I have forgotten to get more. Oh well, I will leave that for him.

So all in all it has been a very productive yet relaxing week.
And only one boo-boo, I slammed my middle finger in the window and it peeled back the skin on the cuticle... EVERY TIME I turn around I have whacked it... Dang!
Oh well, small price to pay for a great week....


Sherry said...

I love the wall paper. It watches so well. You did a great job. Hope you will get some rest. I'm sure Rose will love it.

Brandy said...

Wow you were a busy little bee. The finished projects look great!

The Rural Wife said...

The wallpaper is beautiful and so what if he doesn't like it, I bet he doesn't even look at it... right? But you do and it looks great! Makes you happy, doesn't it? That's what matters. The bathroom looks much softer and friendlier. lol I like it. I'm sure Rose loves it.
Miss you girl!