Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Happiest Camper of ALL

it is T-minus 2 hrs and counting!
Neo Man is camped out in upstate PA. He left early friday morning for his annual 8 day fly fishing trip to Slate Run. Whew....... I thought it would never get here. He SO NEEDS the break and time to unwind with the guys and be with the quiet of nature. It is zen for him.

My DMIL Rose leaves in less than 2 hours. She will be camped out for a 2 week stay with her sister Lena, in upstate NY. She will get the chance to see her mother, who will be 99 yrs old in a few months; physically ok- mentally she has Alzheimer's so sometimes she doesn't know Rose or Lena. It is good for Rose to have the time with her family.

It is better for ME! :)
I will have this house ALL TO MYSELF!!!!! Ahhhhhh, the joy, the quiet bliss! Quiet bliss? I plan to crank my radio up to window rattling volumes.....

************* Happiness Obtained at 10:01 am.******************

This camper has lots of plans...... this is the time when I can get things done around here and not have anyone looking over my shoulder giving me advice.
YES- I KNOW- NO POWER TOOLS!!! Man, you cut off one finger and you are doomed for life- banned from the power tools while he's away... it just so happens to be this very trip he was on 6 yrs ago that I did that... oh well, they sewed it back on and it works!

So here is my "Honey Look What I Got Done" list.
#1. Paint the downstairs bathroom PINK. Right now it is RED and although I like it, it is the primary bathroom for Rose and she does not. So to surprise her and make her happy, I will repaint it very soft PINK.


I think I could slap a coat of white on this RED and it would be pink enough.... but I will do it right, primer- paint... so they will be pleased with my results.

#2. Paint the ceiling in the box. (we had an enclosure, while we had the hot tub- and we referred to it as "the box" coz it sat on the cement pad out back and was square. Now the hot-tub is gone and the walls are down but old habits die hard, it's still know it as "the box")


Last year I started painting the ceiling and the weather turned cold and I never finished...


We were given a patio table and want to be able to eat outside, so I need to clean up this area and make it ready for use.

#3. Since I am the only one here all week, I am going to re-caulk my tub. Neo Man has been planning to, but life gets in his way. Not mine.. After I paint the other bathroom and it dries, I can just shower down there and caulk this one.

There are some minor things I have planned.. these are my major goals.
I am just SO EXCITED to have the house ALL TO MY SELF!!!

Gotta love camping!
Later Darlin'

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Sherry said...

Enjoy your week to your self we all need one of thoses every year. Can't wait to see the new pink bathroom.