Thursday, April 15, 2010

Definition of a bad day & 3 completed- 6 to go

Brandy says:

So took the boys with me to mom2Mom this morning; lunch at the park=Kaleb with a fat lip and scraped knee. ok, boys will be boys. Go back to Claremore this evening for CR at First Baptist; Kaleb meets tire swing and gets a lovely black eye. - Poor fella- not his day!

Going to the zoo tomorrow; any guesses what will happen next? He had a great time at the zoo and no bad things happened... whew!

I finished these 3 quilts for 3 little girls. This is for the littlest girl who is almost 4.

I love this block and it works with any color border. This is for the 9 yr old

Hey Giz look familiar, I used those spare blocks you gave me and added some to make this for the 5 yr old girl. It is the Strip Twist by Bonnie at

Now to finish the 6 baby quilts I have on the list... always busy!!!
Y'all enjoy this pretty spring weather we are having.
Later Darlin'

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