Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Different Point of View

Not what you expect...

Neo-Man has done his own yard work over the years. He cut out the grass to put in a flower bed and planted all the flowers with minimal help. He really is pretty handy to have around.

BUT sometimes he needs assistance- even when he doesn't think so.

This last week he decided that he no longer wanted the little rocks in the area just off the back doors. He wants grass. You can see the rocks in this pic, and past them is the area he cut out.


Even though last year he cut OUT a big chunk of grass to put in mulch and flowers- NOW he wants more grass to mow. OK!

He goes out to the sod farm and buys the sod, so all he has to do is roll it out and just water it... and it will grow.
I asked him if he needed my help- he said "nope- I think I can handle rolling out grass" You would think it's pretty easy.
Nice job- don't you think?



Till you have MY point of view...


It's all about perspective...


How hard can it be to roll out grass ALL THE SAME DIRECTION?

This is driving me nuts... I want so bad to yank it up and turn it around so it ALL goes the same direction... I wonder if he would notice?

Ever wonder why I call him Neo-Man?? So simple a caveman could do it!?! Right?!

Later Darlin'


KyTriplets said...

Grass has a direction? I never knew that! You taught me somethin' new today!

smiledarlin said...

Apparently so- not sure if it is from when it was cut or how it grows... I just know this will drive me nuts.

Mama Koch said...

Give it some time, some water and some sun and it will all grow the same direction.

Anonymous said...

LOL, when I looked at it, I thought, "the nap is wrong!" (always thinking fabric, I guess...)