Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kaeden's 1st Easter!

What's this I hear about an Easter Bunny?

Did I hear right? He leaves candy for us?

We get to hunt for eggs?
If I could get out of this chair I would help.

I'll clear the yard so he won't trip over this.

You are such a great brother!

Hey Daddy, did you hear?
The Easter Bunny is coming and he's gonna leave us candy and eggs for us to hunt.

Oh boy, there is alot to clear up... I know I can do it.
I think need more equipment....

I just have to finish changing this tire and then I can finish the job,
before he comes on Easter sunday.

What do you mean he will be here Easter sunday?
TODAY is Easter Sunday! Yippee!

Happy Easter !
He is Risen. Glory be to God.

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