Thursday, March 4, 2010

I took the Plunge!! It really is BOLD to be COLD

The weather in Fredericksburg VA on saturday was beautiful...
as beautiful as a winter day can be- 36 degrees, bright blue sky and NO WIND. We arrived at the Rappahonick river around 7 am to get everything set up. We had a light dusting of snow overnight- but most had melted as the sun came up. The river was ice free- but moving very fast from all the snow melt in the area. There was 180 plungers who had pre-registered- and a few more signed up that day.

The crowd really started to grow after 8:30 am-
many folks came in costume, for the contest.
I WON 1st place for the individual costume-

I went as a "care package" for the USA Troops.
I wore a box with all the mailing labels I made and a big red bow on my head-

I wore the bow in the water so all of my sponsors could tell it was me plunging. I left the box on the shore...

The 1st place for the group costume went to a bunch dressed as the Adams Family.

There was the 101 Dalmatians- with Cruella Deville- when she led the pack of dogs to the waters edge- she threw a stick in the water and the dogs took off barking and chasing the stick.
And naturally, what did they do as they came out of the water: SHOOK OFF right next to me...

There was a group of Midshipmen from the Naval Academy- they came in speedos and had blankets or as they called them "capes" tied around their necks... too funny!
I went in with them as a group- matter of fact we were the last group to enter...

and I was the last to haul her fat COLD ass out of the water!

A group of EOD techs came as hula girls with coconut tops... they went in with their palm tree.

One guy came in his pink hoodie- pink flamingo on his head and pink flippers & snorkel.

My niece Tay made the costumes for her group- they went as the Flintstones-
they were cute, she did such a great job... she was Betty.

We had the Super Heros there... and they all plunged.
Even the folks from liberty Tax Service that were passing out tax info- they plunged...
You can see the "Lady Liberty's" in the background of this pic of Adam as he is exiting the water. He was the 1st wounded EOD the foundation was able to assist in his recovery. He plunged this year.

I was smart- I put a blanket in the dryer to warm it up and then I put it in an insulated chest along with a heated pizza stone- both stayed nice and toasty... I wrapped up in the blanket when I got out of the water... note to self: bring a second pair of shoes so you don't have to wear the wet ones...

All in all, I raised over $1000.00 dollars myself with all of my sponsors and the whole day netted the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation over 20 thousand dollars.

I heard folks in the crowd saying they were dreading the plunge.. I told them- it was just a little body heat... these EOD guys risk much more serious injury to do their jobs... I can sacrifice a little body heat! To help raise some money to be able to help them after they are injured. What's a little body heat worth??? for me $1028.00 so far- some folks are still mailing in their checks and paying via PayPal. Fun time had by all!
Sign me up for next year... y'all start saving your pennies to sponsor me!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, darlin' you're just the most wonderful quilter ever!
will I get to hug your neck in Lancaster?

smiledarlin said...

Teri, yep! I will be there for show N tell. See ya there.

Blackjack Team said...

It seems, it will approach.