Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Road of Life quilt

In the wee hours of Thanksgiving Day, a dear friend of mine lost his wife. She was struck, as she crossed the street, after evening church. She was on blood thinners and they couldn't stop the internal bleeding. It was so sad. She was such a vibrant and loving woman.
Her name was Dot and her husband is Warren. He has Parkinson's and suffers from tremors and has had balance issues. Losing her has been a real blow to his world.
I made this quilt for him, since he does alot of sitting- he can find comfort in using it.

He met Dot at the fire department almost 45 yrs ago when he was a young fireman. He drove a truck, traveled cross country with a camper, loves sweets and western movies and old Rt 66. He was a farmer, a wood worker, and enjoyed a little gambling. Dot she was a singer and did sign language, she was very active in her church and with her grandkids.

I used all of these things in his quilt. That's why I called it the "Road of Life"
Full size shot

the top section

the bottom section

I hope to see him in the next week and deliver this to him.

With the Olympics on it is hard to sew- I want to watch and cheer on the USA... it's only for a few weeks and I can then sew....


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Marilyn said...

Lori - what a wonderful gift for a dear friend. Weather is still cool enough for him to get lots of pleasure from this quilt.

I'm an old DL and Alex girl - hope you remember me!