Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kaleb's second birthday.

Hard to believe, Kaleb is 2 yrs old.
It seems he has grown so much this last year- yet time seems to have slowed and it has been a long year.
His party was planned for saturday Jan 30th, but due to weather conditions in Tulsa, they delayed it by one day, for conditions to improve.

His PaPaw Ron made his present- a large wooden rocking horse. It is really beautiful.

The new horse

It is large enough for an adult to ride, and a few tried. Kaleb was afraid of it at first, and didn't want to try it. So Mimi got on it and then Kaleb wanted her off so he could ride it.


by this grin- I'd say he like it.

He loves it

this was right after the party - and it's a good thing the rockers have stops built into them- coz he sure would flip it....

He opened his gift from his Aunt Mimi- which was pots & pans and play food... he was SO THRILLED that he never really noticed the rest of his gifts. He just kept wanting to play with his "pots". They had to wrangle them away from him so they could sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake... Mimi called me when they were ready to sing, so I got to sing with them. That was nice.

He liked his "Cars" blanket I made- and his Elmo jammies.
All in all he had a great day.
Such a lucky boy.

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