Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Music of Life quilt

I can finally post a pic of the quilt I made for my nephew Josh.
He graduated last May from HS. He was in the band from his Middle school days and is VERY talented musically. I was given his t-shirts from his band programs, to use in his quilt- so he would have the t-shirts for life. When given to me, I was busy trying to finish the baseball quilt for my other nephew Ruger. After that, I started on the t-shirts, cutting them apart and trying to decide on a design. I was lost- I had nothin'- no ideas at all.....
Then I came down with Lyme disease again, and really didn't do much sewing... needless to say this quilt became a UFO, set aside to wait for inspiration.
Josh had a dear Aunt Laura, who was also a quilter, a VERY talented quilted! She also battled breast cancer for over 8 years- and fought vigorously, only to lose her battle last May. Had life turned out differently, she would have made this quilt for him.

After I returned from Kaeden's birth, Josh's dad inquired how the progress was coming on this quilt. I quickly got the pieces out and put them on the design wall. That is when it occurred to me- sash the pieces with his school colors, border with black & white music fabric like piano keys (he plays piano) and use the front patch from the t-shirts as music notes....
Taaaa Daaaa

Josh Beck music 2010

I stitched music notes into the design of the quilting also.

and as a silent tribute to his Aunt Laura, I asked his parents if they minded if I bordered his label with the pink music fabric- in honor of breast cancer. They agreed that would be fine. The pic is small- but you can see.


He received this quilt on Tuesday, and called to thank me for it. He loved it. He was proud to own it and felt I really captured his life- his youth and his love of music.

I think it was divine inspiration that gave me the idea on how to design it. And if so- Thanks Laura... he loved it!

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Mark said...

That's the neatest quilt I've ever seen, You are so talented!!! Thanks for sharing, made my day!