Saturday, January 23, 2010

Texas Meal.... mmmm

After watching Drive-In, Diners & Dives last night, Neo-Man had a hankering for beef brisket.
He has been wanting to smoke one since we got the BGE- so today he went to the store and bought a 5 pound brisket. He came home and got the hickory chips going and started it around noon.... I thought it should have been sooner, but I'm FROM Texas, what do I know.
He figured we would eat around 5 pm. He invited some friends over and the evening was planned. I thought some fresh made potato salad, cucumber salad, and macaroni & cheese would be perfect side dishes, so I spent most all afternoon IN the kitchen- fixin' the fixin's...
Neo-Man said to start the mac & cheese at 4:30, but I waited... he finally came back and said 5:30 and then 6:30- seems the brisket wasn't smoking as fast as he thought it would, he was very sure on 6:30 so I baked it then, only to have to hold it warming... the meat finally came off at 7:40 and after it rested we got to eat at 8 pm. BUT what a meal it was!! mmmmmmmm
Everything turned out great, the meat was SO TENDER and just the right amount of smoke.
All the side dishes were great and it was a real Texas meal!!! Ahhh.

I gave him a journal to keep of all the meals he smokes- so he can have recipes handy...
This one will be the one that taught him the biggest lesson- low and SLOW. Not ready in 4-5 hours! He's learning.

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