Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday shout outs...

My sister Andy, was lucky enough, to have her 6th grandbaby Preston, born on her ?? birthday. (not my age to tell) Well it's their birthday today, and Preston will be 3.
This is his pic from Christmas, when he got all of the new Transformers from Santa.

So since I knew he loved Transformers- as do I- I made him a pillow case using a panel with the Transformers on it. I had to add a longer cuff, but it all worked I think.


I sent Andy her gifts, but all the way to Hawaii - I didn't send them soon enough so they will be late... sorry about that Sis! Can't say what I got her in case she reads this.... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

But I did help Brandy with her birthday gifts for Kaleb later this month. She wanted sheets with airplanes on them. She was not able to find that- so I offered to put airplane fabric on the sheets for her. Just a border panel on the flat sheet and pillow case- and then I had enough leftovers so I made a little curtain for the window. So now she has a new decor for him. This is the tan set.

this is the red set- and I sent her another border to be attached to a blue set she has at home.

I also made him this little throw for his new big boy bed. He loves the movie Cars and I found this panel- so my gift to him is this...

and the backing is from different fabrics I had that had airplanes on it.

and since I had fabric I made him this pillowcase to match.

so it all goes together in his new room.
Well gotta get busy...

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