Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas sales for a cause

I went out today shopping the Christmas sales. I found one store that had already marked down to 90% off so I bought 4 boxes of Christmas cards, to fill out this next year and send send out to this great cause. I pasted this from facebook

The holidays are often a difficult time for those deployed. Often times there are troops who recieve little to nothing during the Christmas season.

Our goal is to have a card for each deployed soldier during the holidays extending them warm wishes and appreciation during what may feel like a lonely time for them.

Often times kind words from strangers are the very motivation that they need to stay focused in their mission of defending this country. We would like to ensure that by giving them a simple holiday card.

We would like to collect as many cards as possible by November 27, 2009 so that soldiers who wouldnt other wise recieve mail or benefit from generous care packages are not forgotten. They do so much for us, a simple card is the least we can do to brighten their day and holiday!

We all have left over cards from holidays past. Why not put them to good use and send over some much needed morale and support?

It truly doesnt matter what type the card as long as its seasonally appropriate, the troops will love it. If you wish not to send a holiday card a thank you card or note cards of warm wishes are always greatly appreciated!

Enlist the help of your children, pictures are always a welcomed addition as many troops have children of their own at home.

Just remember to write a small personal note for the holidays and even a thank you! Also, include your name and a contact information such as email if you would like to hear back from the soldier who recieves your card or picture.
We have started up a second cause page for those of you who wish to remain active all year round, so that we can keep this cause page more geared to the Christmas season as that will be our biggest program. The new page is

At this time we are collecting Valentines Day Cards and candy to ship over the troop. The guidelines are the same as they were for the Christmas cards.

Anyone can participate and the cards can be store bought or homemade. Schools, churches, youth groups...anyone can participate. The goal is to make sure the troops know that they are cared for and supported by those of us here.

You may mail cards, candy or donations to:

Amanda Sullivan
Operation Holiday Cards
PO Box 102
Shrewsbury MA 01545

Donations can be made out to Operation Christmas Cards or sent through paypal to

If you have any questions please email us at

Thank you for supporting our troops!

So Now I am going to get ready to make some Valentine's fabric postcards and send them out.
I gotta finish this one quilt first...

But you can help- go out and buy the cards now- while they are on sale... fill them out from the comfort of your home and put them in one big envelope and send them out for next year....

A small gesture that goes a long way!
Later Darlin'

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