Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eggcelent Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas here. It was quiet, but we enjoyed it none the less. My DMIL Rose got us a Big Green Egg for a present. We got the large one & are very pleased with it so far. Neo-Man cooked on it the first 3 nights... he is in heaven.

It is a ceramic egg shaped grill/smoker, that you can even bake in. My friend Bev got one nearly 2 yrs ago and LOVED it and we have wanted one... so this was our present.


I got a Phillies coat, but am going to exchange it for a lighterweight jacket, one that I can wear year round, this one is very thick and really good for very cold days... but I want one for everyday use. I got 2 new Phillies t-shirts, some new Phillies video yearbook on dvd and some new jammies. I was very happy.
My Daddy sent me a framed poem my Granny wrote, and that was VERY special.
Neo-Man got new jammies, slippers, a new 22" flat screen for the kitchen, and some shirts.
Rose got lots of new clothes, and some earrings and gloves. It was a good year for all of us.

I was able to finish Ro's quilting, with just a day to spare. She was able to give her parents both quilts as gifts and they were so surprised and pleased.
This is her Dad's- it's called Irish Braid, from www.quilterscache.com


And this is the floral 4PSP she made for her step mom.

Now I need to get busy and finish my nephews quilt and the 4 baby quilts....

Oh and have a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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