Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cannery row by row by row.....

I love summer!
Love the heat! Love the long days! Love the smell of things in summer! Love the fruit & produce!
I wish it was summer year round.... But I don't live in a climate conducive to summer weather year round...
So I compromise ... and I can the summer produce to enjoy all winter.

We have been busy replacing what we ate from last year.

canned goods 2008

This was our stores when winter started.

empty shelves 2009
This is how it looks now. Old Mother Hubbard....
So before we load it up again, Neo-Man has to add supports to the shelves to keep from sagging under the weight of the jars.

So we can load up with:

kevin's peppers
Hot peppers Neo-Man has fixed up and we canned 6 pints and have another bushel to jar up and process.

This is 34 quarts of pickled beets, we have another bushel to can this weekend. We eat these with nearly every meal- so our goal is to have at least 52 jars- one for each week. Neo-Man never liked them... till he ate these... now he is a fan! I LOVE the color of beets- so pretty!!

This is 27 quarts of tomato slices on the left and 22 pints of pomegranate applesauce. We probably won't do anymore tomatoes, these should last us. BUT the apple season has just started. I want to make more applesauce, apple pie filling and apple butter.

This is corn I cut off the cob and prepared for freezing. I have done this to over 11 dozen ears of corn. Neo-Man complained last year that I only did corn from PA (the Amish have wonderful corn) and I did none from NJ- it is the "Garden State"... so this year I have been buying a few dozen here and there, PA, NJ & DE. We can see which we like best.

I have a bushel box of green beans waiting for me to pressure can this weekend. I am going to add new potatoes to the jars... Like Grandma Bea always did. Mmm they are good.

canning outside
At least the weather is nice and we can hot water boil them outside. We use the turkey fryer with water instead of oil... 8 quarts or 10 pints at a time. Keeps the heat outside and the house cooler.

tomatoes, applesauce & beets
Now if I get them off my folding table, I can do laundry... Gotta get the shelves ready for the weight...
Oh Neo-Man......... can you help me a minute?
Like all weekend long! Ha ha ha...

So I will catch ya on the flip side of this food frenzy.... let's all sing
"A canning we will do,
A canning we will do,
Pints, quarts or freezer bags
A canning we will do."

Later Darlin

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