Friday, September 18, 2009

Someone stole my house said the squirrel

I am sure when Mr. Squirrel left the nest that morning, he was thinking he would just run out and gather some nuts and berries for the Misses. Coz he is a good provider and all.

So down from this over 45 foot tall cedar he ran and off he went.
But this is the tree that lightning hit and it is slowly but surely dropping its leaves/greenery and is gonna be dead soon. The insurance company paid me to have it removed- so removed we did.
He came with his bucket lift and cut all the branches off and I tell ya- that was one straight tree. We actually looked for a lumber mill to haul it to coz it was so straight- but to no avail.
I did ask John if he could save me some nice pieces to give to my daughter Mimi, she makes beautiful wooden bowls and wine bottle stoppers and such- she could turn some of this cedar. So he cut me some nice pieces- like this big chunk for her.
Then it was time to yell " T I M B E R " and I mean it made the earth rattle..... BOOM!
It really nearly hit his yellow chipper there- I mean by inches it missed... he was shocked.
But happy. then he put it all thru the chipper- big log and all.... squirrels nest and all.

And it was a good thing we had it taken down- coz turns out it was hollow from carpenter ants we had for awhile- and it was none to sturdy ... Saved MY house-

But I am sure Mr. Squirrel is looking around shaking his head saying "I know my house was around here somewhere... Help- I've been robbed- someone stole my tree!"

All in a matter of 1 hour.

My yard looks bare now... and I never noticed the guy across the street before- he lives behind the tree... now I see him....
Oh well. Better safe than sorry.
Later Darlin'

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