Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not a leg to stand on

We have established that Neo-Man knows how to Kill a lawn- see Vanity.

Well he actually had to use the Round Up to kill the grass out back where he wanted to put in his flower bed. This will be the butterfly & hummingbird garden. But first get rid of the grass.

new bed size

We had to move any and all plants that were in the little garden space before he started tilling it up.  Next he had to dig up the sprinkler pipes so he didn't cut them up with the tiller.

removing the sprinkler heads and pipes

After he has the bed all worked, he has to put up poles and tape to keep the dogs off the dirt ( yea... that worked with nearly a weeks worth of rain! )

roped off

The important part of this story is about all of my irises. They were in that little garden-waiting... after they were dug up a last year out of the side bed. Most of them didn't bloom this year, just sent up the leaves and that was it. 


EXCEPT this one.... he didn't have a leg to stand on or a stalk but he bloomed AND OPENED at ground level!  I saw this yellow iris and thought one had blown in and was stuck in the leaves... till I tried to pick it up and realized it was attached... bloomed right out of the roots almost.

needing to bloom

yellow iris

So I spent today planting ALL of my iris and hyacinth in the little flower bed that has the bird bath and that funny fire hydrant. Now next year they will all bloom happy & healthy in their own new bed.... I can't wait.

It's dark now- but in the morning I will get a pic of both of the flower beds from todays work. Neo-Man was finally able to get the stepping stones laid and the first of the plants in. He still has 3 yards of mulch to spread.... Oh our aching backs.......  

BUT the hummingbird showed up yesterday- during the rain!!! Wait till he sees all we are doing for him! Hopefully he will tell all his friends...

Later Darlin'

Happy Flag Day! And our President has extended the Flag Day to be for this next full week. So Americans can show their patriotism all week. I fly a flag EVERY day!

and Happy Birthday Ruger!! 

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