Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Kill a Lawn & vanity

Isn't that flower bed pretty?!  
Neo-Man had just planted the flowers and re-did the mulch. 

Next step- fertilize the yard. OK..... Neo-man will borrow Mikey's drop spreader that is BIG and fancy and has BIG tires so as not to hurt the lawn. ya know- manly!  So off he goes to work. 
Then... Neo-man comes in and says "I think I just killed the lawn!"  I look at him puzzled and ask "how?"  He explains that he poured the fertilizer  into the hopper and took one pass around the tree when he looked down and noticed ALOT had dropped out.

See in his haste, he never checked the spreader settings before starting. It was left in the FULL OPEN position after it was cleaned and put away, the last time it was used and properly cared for.

I tell him to go get the shop vac and suck up the excess before it damages the grass.

His eyes pop open and he gasps -and I quote " I  WILL  NOT  LET  THE  NEIGHBORS  SEE  ME  VACUUMING MY GRASS!  ARE  YOU  CRAZY?"

I'm the sane one who gets to listen to Neo-Man explain to the neighbors, mailman, UPS driver, and anyone else who asks what happened..... and nearly all say the same thing- you use a leaf vac, you should have vacuumed it up!

NOPE! I'm not crazy.....

I get stand by and take pic as Neo-Man tries to repair his pretty lawn.


But then what do I know!

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