Friday, May 29, 2009

Pushing Daisies HAS RETURNED to ABC- kinda

I love this show and was very ticked when it was removed from the show line up.
It is only back to finish up the last 3 episodes they have... but I will be watching.

I finished the comfort quilt for Tammy in NC. She is recovering from surgery to remove her Breast Cancer. I made this to help her heal and ease her pain if she has to endure treatments.
Every woman loves hearts, especially if they are made of florals fabrics.

And since she is the person who is the breeder we got both of our dogs/babies from I stitched all of our names in one of the blocks. 

"Hello Darkness" - that is the name of this iris. It is absolutely stunning to see up close. It is a deep dark purple- almost black!!  I was so taken by it I had to buy it... Now it is in my temporary garden- we are building an iris bed and it will go in there- PROUDLY.

It has one open bloom when I got it, with 2 that had already closed and 2 more to open.

This is a yellow one that decided to bloom alongside it. I have one more yellow that bloomed at ground level. When I saw the flower open, I thought maybe a bloom off this one had blown off and was stuck in the other leaves. NOPE it opened at ground level. i will try and get a pic.

It is with a sad heart that I say "Farewell" to a dear sweet woman, Laura Rawlings.
She lost her 8 year battle with breast cancer on May 22nd and is finally at peace.
I will always carry her memory- of her spirit, determination and fight with me as a reminder of how precious  life is. She was a very talented & gifted quilter. 
But more importantly she was a Mother of a 10 yr old son and a Wife. 
Please keep them in your prayers.

Gotta run, I am busy trying to get the graduation baseball quilt completed and mailed THIS WEEK..... then I have the other one to make........

Happy June Y'all!!!!

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Sherry said...

I love the heart shaped quilt that you did. I'm sure your friend will be very warm with all the love wraped around her. I'm going to try to copy your heart ( and keep it when I need it for a friend in need) Love your flower so beautiful.
I'm also sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.God bless you and her family