Friday, May 15, 2009

The stuffing knocked out

Something got the stuffing knock out of it!
I know this because I have found the remnants of his stuffing ALL over my property.

There is a neighbor with kids and they leave their toys and such outside. Apparently one of the stuffed toys broke open, and the squirrels decided the stuffing would be good for their nest.

(the white stuffing is kinda hard to see so I circled it in red)

This is along the drive way. This was the first place I noticed it at. Neo-Man tought I had thrown away some quilt batting. But I had to correct him- this is white poly stuffing for dolls and such.

This is the tree beside the garage. It almost looked like snow in the yard for a while, it was ALL OVER.

These are large clumps hanging in the branches of the tree. If I lived in the south you might think it was moss- white moss!

This is a large clump that got stuck in the bark of the tree, and another in the fork of the branch.

Each of the circles has white poly batting stuck in the tree.
And lastly, Waaaaaaayyyyy up where the arrow is, is the point where the nest is.
It is a warm nest this year- it must have a pound of batting in it.

I'm glad we have happy comfy animals in our yard......

Later Darlin'

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Gizmo said...

I tagged you on my blog! :)
OK, why should we be surprised to see stuffing in YOUR yard?? ROFLOL