Thursday, June 11, 2009

A lifetime of baseball-saved

My nephew played baseball since he was big enough to hold a bat.  He is just like his Daddy- very gifted and one of the youngest to play on the team. He is a very good catcher (runs in the family) and he pitches and plays the outfield. He played on summer teams that went to the Little League World Series twice. He played on his HS varsity team when he was a freshman. 
He eats, sleeps and dreams baseball. He loves it!  He is also a NY Yankees fan! 

So when his Daddy mentioned he would like someway to keep all of the uniforms and jerseys from the different teams- I knew the perfect way- A Quilt!

He opened it last saturday night at his party after his HS graduation. It was the last gift to be opened. He was so moved he wept. Everyone in the room did. He could not believe he would have all of his teams- to carry with him as he moves on with his life- to college, hopefully on to the major leagues.  It was a moving experience for me to make and it did it's magic on him- he loves it.

You can double click on the pic to see it enlarged.

This is the back of some of his shirts. I used them to create the backing fabric. 
These have the names of all the team players and all the teams in the LLWS tournaments. I figured it was something he would want to keep.

My first real "memory" quilt and what a success it was. 
Now I am working on my other nephews- he was the band player so his shirts are music related.  

And I am still working on the 3 sisters comfort quilts....
plus I have a quilt job waiting...
and I want to make some summer dresses for my MIL...
plus a garden and flower beds....
Oh yea, did I say I have been busy?

I love my life, I made a young man cry for joy!!!
And what a SMILE he had!!!   :)


Mark said...

Every time I go here, You make me cry, gotta quit lookin' at your stuff. What a neat quilt, I would give my right arm for a similar quilt , (of course with my teams on it). You truly are a "charmed" darlin. Love you, Mark

Sherry said...

Great job you did. You sound like me having all kinds of quilts on the go. I quess were all like that.