Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think I broke...

Pick a spot, a muscle, a joint... don't matter- I hurt ALL OVER.

I went over to see my sister Howdy for an overnight visit, only to stay an extra day to help her get HER plants planted. Seems she hurt herself and was unable to breath- much less bend over and plant. So I helped her move mulch and plant lots & lots of pretty flowers... in HARD as rock clay soil.... YUCKY soil!!! She still has a few more plants to get in so I will go over this week and help her.

I have been working in our garden- getting the back yard planted. It looks pretty good for the first year. We will add plants as the seasons progress. The main thing we need to do next is PAINT the scaredy hole doors. They stick out like a rusty old thumb....


I moved all my irises to the bed around the old birdbath and then planted
marigolds and such in the bed.


The blanket in the background is the dogs. They like to sun- and they
kinda took over that comforter last year so we leave it out for them.

I have been sewing some.
I had a birthday present to make- for a 50th birthday... I know she likes
purple and I saw this fabric and thought of her.


I had a graduation present to make , so I made her this really cute scrappy
backpack with a leather bottom... pics will come later- i was in a hurry to finish
and get to the party I didn't take any pics. But she has to bring it over for some
adjusting on the straps and then I can get pics.
She REALLY liked it and I was glad for that.

I had a quilt job to do and she was very pleased with the outcome, that's her
head in the pic when she saw it. It was a really cool pattern, I may have to
make one. I think it would really work with the oriental fabrics...

I have another grad quilt to work on and I am still working on the
3 sisters quilts.

Oh yeah, we had a quick storm move thru the other evening and here
is one pic of the sky over the house. It was mean and cool looking!


and do you see the profile face in this cloud pic?

Never a dull moment...
Y'all have a safe and Happy July 4th.

Later Darlin'


Gizmo said...

Your yard is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see it in person.
I really like that pattern too. What is the name of it??
Happy 4th to you too!

warren said...

Oh wow! I love that second quilt! Well, the other one is nice too, but I esp like te second one. Well done!