Monday, July 13, 2009


The end of May I was bitten on the inside of my knee. I woke up with a nasty red circle that was very painful and growing in size.
I had to stop by my vets office that day, so I asked his opinion- "So what kind of critter bit me ya think?" He looks at it and immediately says- a Lyme tick!

Well !&*)(#^%#%&^*!*

I went thru that last summer, lots of pain... 12 weeks of antibiotics... BUT I healed.

So my family doc calls in a powerful antibiotic- I go to the pharmacy on June 1st and pick it up. It says take 1 pill twice a day. Quantity of 12- no refill. I'm thinking, boy this IS powerful stuff... last year it was 12 weeks, this is JUST 12 pills. So I take ALL of the pills like I am suppose to.

Fast forward a few weeks. I think I have been beat up coz of all the work in the yards I have been doing. BUT the muscle cramps and joint pain are getting worse- even with rest.... when I have trouble bending my fingers and need Neo-Man to cut my food for me, walking is absolute torture, and the nightly charley horses in my legs and arms, I have had it- I call my doc and go in.

He casually says "well you still have a few weeks left on the antibiotics and it takes time".... I look at him and say- Doc, those 12 pills have been finished since June 5th.
He has that puzzled look on his face- "What 12 pills? I ordered 42 pills with refills!"

NOPE! Not what I got.... I only got 12. and that was nearly 6 weeks ago... too late.
I even went back to the pharmacy- and they got the call in as only 12 pills. GREAT!

So NOW I HAVE Lyme disease and I am NOW on the right dose of meds. Wonderful!!

So if you get a tick bite- my advise is RUN DON'T WALK to your doctor...
And I found out that NJ, PA & DE are Lyme tick central... more cases here than anywhere...

And I thought it was just my sister beating up on me!!
Whaddya know bout that!

Hopefully I can feel better soon coz I am leaving to go to the family reunion the end of the month... and I have sewing projects stacking up ^^^^ ...

Oh well, NOW I have pain pills - thank you very much! I am going to sleep and rest....

Later darlin'


terificreations said...

Oh Lori! Please feel better soon...this is awful. I hope that the length of time hasn't caused way longer term problems.


Dawn-Marie said...

If it wasn't for bad luck. Hope you feel better soon. I was wondering where you have been!


The Rural Wife said...

OMG that's terrible! I can't believe you're suffering because of someone's screw up! My neice was bit by a lyme tick too and is now on the antibiotics. I just found this out today!
I hope your meds work fast! Take it easy and let me know if I can help you at all.

KyTriplets said...

I can't believe that happened to you! OMG! I hope you feel better. That is just terrible!