Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Travel Journal... part 1 Tulsa

WOW... I really do need to update this. I have really been busy- traveling and such. Where to start???

OK- here is a good place. July 16 -20th my sister Howdy hosted a "Hoedown"
at her house. Quilting friends met for a long weekend of sewing, shopping, eating and yacking. What a great time we had....

I came home and had to get a graduation quilt quilted for Jo. It was tricky, but I got it done in time... She made a really cute top for Ali- the yellow brick road block, and on the back Ali wanted the "memory" stuff. So that's what she got. All her pics and t-shirt stuff went on the backing.
Once I was finished- I had to get things ready to leave for a family reunion in Kansas.
I flew out on the 28th of July, normally I fly on Southwest, this time I went out on Continental, coz they were $20.00 cheaper. Once I got to the airport and paid my $15. for my luggage fee I really wished I had flown with SW- I am working on a free ticket... so next time I absolutely will.
I arrived in Tulsa and was met by Carla at the airport. We spent the next few hours just hanging out killing time. We threw some $$ at the casino- had fun doing it... Her work hours are so early and I knew my visit was short, so this was good for us to catch up. It's always silly when we get together! But fun!

Next I was handed over to Mimi- since she was my ride to Kansas. We went to Kaleb's the next day and spent the afternoon just soaking up that boys joy!
While I was there I got to see Logan's garden and it really is doing good this year.His cantaloupes are so sweet...mmmm. and they hang from the fence panel he has bent.
I am surprised they haven't fallen- but they hang just fine.
His tomatoes are also doing great, but I didn't get pics of them. Let's just say that garden will keep him busy for the rest of summer.

Brandy is feeling good- or rather she has her moments of queazy but not all the time- thankfully. She put Kaleb in his Phillies shirt just for his Granny...
I was so happy to see him in it, and to get pics of us in ours...
gotta teach 'em early and right. I think he was happy to see me.

Mimi and I left the next day for Kansas... and what a great time we had.

That will be in the next installment. Part 2 "The Reunion" - Stay tuned!!
Later Darlin'


The Rural Wife said...

What a great picture of Kaleb on the slide and him hugging you is precious! I know how much that means to you to have your grandson's hugs. I'm looking forward to reading your Part 2.
And hoping we can get together before the summer is over!

Gizmo said...

You have some of the BEST pictures. I hope you shared a hug for me too. I can't wait to hear about Part 2.
My package arrived today!! THANKS!! I forgot about the one top, and can't wait toget started on the others.
I do have a top to send you!! Do you have time??