Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life and a bleeding Armadillo cake

Let's see.... we left off with April fools day... man that seems like forever ago!

April was a very busy month for me....
Early April is always a bummer for me and the family, it's just part of our life....

Easter was good- visit with family on a pretty day. A Joyful day!

Monday the 13th was a sad day for Phillies baseball fans- the man who shared my passion and whispered in my ear nightly is gone. Harry Kalas the voice of the Phillies for 39 years- passed away before the game in DC. He was also the voice of NFL Films and Campbell's Chunky Soup. He had a great set of pipes!!! It was a sad week, they had a memorial service for him at the ballpark and laid his casket at home plate, only the 3rd person to be laid out that way- Babe Ruth & Harry Carey were the others. It is fitting that his last full season he got to call the World Series WIN!! With his son Todd in the Tampa Bay Rays radio booth as their radio announcer.
It sure is strange to listen to the games on the radio now!! He will truly be missed!

Then on the 14th I had the pleasure of my neice Miss Tay coming over to use LuLu. She was visiting with Howdy and made her quilt from fabric her Aunt Laura helped her pick out. It is a very special quilt and she sure made a beauty!!! One week and she had a completed quilt.

The end of April I went to my brothers house in VA for a family gathering. Mom & Dad along with Nanda came up for a concert that the Scout was going to perform in. The concert was held in this beautiful church, and these are the stained glass windows on the one side of the church. It was beautiful music in a beautiful building.

So we had all the family meet up at Lee's and enjoyed our time together. I was able to take Nanda to the Civil War battlefields in Fredricksburg & Chancellorsville- the Battle in the Wilderness. We visited the Battlefield Info centers and watched a short film that explained the conflicts at each site and it helped us understand the significance of each battle. We came away with a greater appreciation for the freedoms we have now!

I was able to bring Nanda up to my house for a quick visit, and along the way we took a detour and caught the ferry at Lewes DE and got off in Cape May NJ. It was a trip she really wanted to experience, and we had a beautiful sunset on a warm spring evening and a sky full of stars to enjoy on the ride over.

Once at my house, we had Monday to drive around Philly and see the area, eat a cheesesteak and head over to Howdy's house. Nanda would spend the next 2 days at Howdy's and then go back to VA, to catch her flight home. I originally planned to spend Tuesday with the two of them- shop hopping at all the fabric stores... butttttttttt

I GOT THE FLU!!!!!! I had the SWAN flu.... a VERY SORE throat, croaky voice and looked like an ugly duckling!!! I felt like I had been beat up- ached ALL over! I spent the next week in bed- I can't remember the last time I slept so much! It's only been the last few days that I have felt more like myself. That really kicked my butt.
And worst of all, Neo-Man was away for his anual fly fishing trip while I was sick... so I still had to take care of DMIL each evening fixing something for her for dinner.... Thank God a friend had brought her dinner the 2 night we were both gone, coz I reheated those left overs for her and I had soup and was back in bed.
I just found out that Nanda was NOT lucky enough to avoid the germs I had and she has been sick since they got home last week. Thankfully no one else got sick- I had no idea I was getting sick till it kicked my ass.

My quilting has suffered being this sick, with no energy to even hold my head up, I have not been able to get the 3 comfort quilts made for the 3 sisters who lost their Momma. I had wanted to have them done and delivered by Mother's Day- but that is moot. This is a drawing of the quilts I am making for them. It is a scrappy heart block using all flower fabrics.

I have a 4th one to make- it is for a dear friend who is now in a battle for her life against Breast Cancer. So hers will be like this one also. Why not- I am cutting for this block anyways... and it's a heart- you can't go wrong with that.

And now to the title of this post-
I told Neo-Man I wanted a bleeding Armadillo cake for my birthday this year. I remember it from the movie Steel Magnolias.
Today is my 50th one! Man that smarts............... I like saying it as 39k... I feel younger than 39 thousand and look a whole lot better than that! Next to that 50 ain't bad!
Anyways- I am gonna make my cake today. It will be a Red Velvet sheet cake that I decorate with a pic of an Armadillo on it. Kinda like this one.
It's my birthday.... I can have my cake and eat it too!

Well it started raing AGAIN!!!! this time with thunder & lightening and I am sitting here by the window on this PC- I better stop before I get struck!!
What a birthday surprise that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of surprises- I got beautiful yellow flowers from someone, to remind me of sunshine and smiles, and you are as young as you wanna be!! The card was signed by "ME" . To that special "ME" in my life- THANK YOU!!!

Today will be only smiles for me! Neo-Man is off today and we will spend the day at the movies and running around. I told him I wanted a charm bracelet- coz I feel I have had a "charmed life".

Thank You all for the Love you share with me! I am blessed!

Later Darlin'

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And may you have many more to come.
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