Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day 2009!

I thought this would be a good pic to use for this day.
KT was feeling goofy when we went up to the Statue of Liberty and when we were inside the pedestal, looking through the museum inside, they have the face of Lady Liberty on the wall.
So KT posed... and I thought it was funny!

I have been busy with Meo-Man, taking him to DR's and PT. He really bruised his insides up when he fell, and his shoulder is just painful to use. He sees a shoulder specialist on the 7th, so we will know exactly what he did inside the joint... coz MRI's don't always show everything in shoulder injuries. Otherwise it is just time to heal the chest area... boring time for him!!!
He sees spring beginning and had plans to put in the flower beds... and NOW all that is on hold.
Men don't make good patcients- I think it has to do with that "patient" aspect!

I have been gathering up my quilts I have made this last year... so I will have something for "Show & Tell". The quilt show begins on thursday in Lancaster PA, and my quilt friends gather in a local hotel for show & tell. Now I have 4 to take! I am really looking forward to seeing my friends- I just wish my sister Howdy was here to go with me...

I am so jealous- she is still in Texas... enjoying the spring- the bluebonnets- being near family!
I look forward to her being back here- but I am glad she had this time... wish I did!

I am still working on 6 baby blankets, almost ready to put them on the frame. And then- I got a request for 3 comfort quilts, for 3 girls ages 7, 4 & 3. Their Momma passed away in her sleep at the age of 34 from unknown reasons. So sad, I am touched and honored to make them. I will start their quilts soon. I just found out the girls fav colors, so I can make them more personal.

We still have DMIL here. That has been decided to be permanent. She just doesn't remember that.... so it can be repetitive... but all in all it has been smooth. I really think she is secretly glad to have the company and she LOVES the dogs and they bring her so much joy. So she hasn't fought the issue so much this go round. Thank You Lord!

So, I am keeping very busy...
Hopefully I can keep up this blog better this month.
Later Darlin'

No Foolin'!

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Marydon said...

Cute & clever photo.

Checked out your quilts & they are lovely. Don't you just love the feedsack fabrics. I do ... pop over & check out my latest finds.
TTFN ~ Marydon