Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celebrate Earth Hour

Tonight is is the night. It is the day for EARTH HOUR.

So we sit here in the dark, with a candle burning and a hand crank lantern.
It may seem small, but it is one thing I CAN DO to help our planet.

What did you do tonight?

I know I have been away... at least from my blog....
but I had visitors and we ran our butts off.....
I have been trying to catch up on everything that has been waiting.
I will post about the visit and show ya pics. 

AND while I was away from home Neo-Man fell at work and bruised his left side-
ribs, chest wall, diaphragm, and shoulder area. So he is down and I am helping him.
He is out of work till AT LEAST April 10th.  I just wish his pain would ease up!
Makes him wish he had quit smoking already!!  So I am busy, busy!

Gotta run now.
Later Darlin'

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