Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts

Today was a special day!
Not just for Neo-Man and I- he DID buy me a beautiful card and he always writes lovely things in them. We will go out sometime this week as the rest of our gift to each other. A movie & dinner. That IS SPECIAL for us!!! :)

No, today was also SPECIAL for my friend TK back in Tulsa. I made sure it was SPECIAL...

See last year I was there during Valentine's Day when her then date gave her something SPECIAL.
It seems the year before- a different boyfriend started the "tradition" by giving her a red Teddy bear holding a heart pillow- ya know the gaudy ones with the year stitched on the foot.
Well last year I was there when she got one. After the guy left- she pulls out the one from 2007
and set it beside 2008... Then we busted up laughing.

She and I had a great laugh about this and she PRAYED she wouldn't get another one!!!
Throughout the year we comment on these bears- and we always laughed.

So this year while I was home for Squirts 1st birthday- I found this at Wally world and just had to get it. It's NOT red... so she can't complain

I had help getting it squashed into a small box and with the help of her darlin daughter KT
she was surprised by it this morning. So surprised- KT said when she used her little knife to open the box- she yelled "Oh no- not another one" and then tried to stab the bear with the knife.
Don't be fooled- she loved the bear... I called her later and she just laughed and said she KNEW it was a bear in the box.... it made her day!!!

Now she has triplets!

Today is also my brother in law the Engineer's birthday. So I had to send him an ecard...

Today was a good day!! Got lots of things accomplished around the house- and make someone else day... long distance! Now that's a good day!

Later Darlin'

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