Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Ending Season

My daughter Meems got the job in Canyon TX at West Texas A&M University as the pitching coach for this season only. She started this job a week before the softball season was to start and had no real idea what this team was capable of. Whatever they do, this will be her last season as a coach.

Since there are no coaching positions close to home (Tulsa) she has decided to change her career and be closer to home. She is looking forward to having time with family and friends.

See Meems has applied for a job with Tulsa Police Dept and is in the application process now.
Her next step is the interview, on Feb 25th, and the Academy starts in July.

In the meantime, she took the pitching coach position for this season only.
And what a season it is shaping up to be.

The first games started on Feb 6th. Since then they have played lights out ball!!!

In 14 games they are 12 wins 2 losses.
They have played 77 innings.
They have outscored their opponents 120 runs to 32 runs.
They have 1 Perfect game, 3 shut outs and 7 games have been decided by run rules.
They went 8 straight wins before their first loss.

Lets just say that Meems is very pleased with this group of girls and has high hopes for the remainder of this season. This team plays hard and has alot of pride and team spirit.
This is a great team to be associated with, especially since it will be the last team she coaches- it's always good to go out on a high note...

Go Lady Buffs!

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