Sunday, January 4, 2009

Settling in to a new routine

Now that the holidays are over, we are getting back to the routine of life...

My DMIL is still here with us, she sees the hip doctor this week for a 7 week check up from surgery. She still is not mentally sound enough to live on her own safely, so NO MATTER WHAT THE DOC SAY'S- she ain't going home yet.  She will be here till mid Feb. Then arrangements will be made for some assistance to come to her home. OR SHE WON'T LIVE ALONE. She will stay here while I am gone,so she can watch the dogs, and so Neo-Man can keep an eye one her. She lives to far for him to try and check in on her if she goes home while I am gone. So she is here till Feb 12th...

I leave here on Jan 22 to fly to Tulsa for 3 weeks. It is little Toot's 1st birthday and I can't miss it. While I am out that way I am going to Texas to visit family... I am so excited. Gonna see lots of friends and family- ESPECIALLY that baby boy.

I relocated a lost friend of mine last week. Opie and I were cohorts in  crime when I lived in Texas in 1990, we worked together at the police department. We were best running buddies!! We lost touch about 10 yrs ago.  Last I knew he had just gotten married and was still in law school.  Seems he did real well in school, and now has his own law practice. He is still married and has all girls... dogs!  I was SO happy to finally locate him and it took a 3.5 hour phone call to catch up. It makes me smile to think of him... the crazy things we did!!  Good friends!   I am hoping I can meet up with him and his wife while I am out in TX... really wanna see him again.

I got GREAT comments back from the folks that got the turtle quilt and the paper pieced quilt as gifts this holiday. They were both just blown away with the quilts.
The fact that their family member thought of them in this way- and got them the quilt made it even more special.  I was glad to be a part of that... I need to put a rod pocket on the PP quilt so she can hang it in her living room- she loved it that much.

Still working on the shooting star quilt for Zack's parents. It should be done this week.

trying to tie up loose ends before I leave... lots of loose ends. So I will be busy.

So my new year is good so far- so far!
Later Darlin'

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