Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was met by a walking man

I arrived in Tulsa safely, was picked up at the airport by Meems, and because my flight was delayed... I didn't get to see little one till the next day.

Friday was a great day. I arrived at his house and he walked up to meet me!!!! I was in tears! He is so beautiful! Let's just say he gots lots of kisses.

He walks and almost runs, he talks by saying "Mom Mom & Da Da" and he gives great hugs.

He got this little truck for Christmas and he loves to ride or push it. He is just so cute. He looks so much like his daddy and he sure loves his daddy... but his momma is sure tops on his list.

Meems and I left on Monday morning to head to Amarillo. She had a job interview at a college there.
See, she is not employed at the moment. She had a falling out with her old job. In early December, she questioned how a drug test for the athletes was being conducted, and the next thing she knew- she was fired. She challenged her firing- requesting a hearing on the issue under the whistle blower clause. Instead they agreed to change the "firing" to "voluntarily resigned" and agreed to pay her the remainder of her contract. She fought & won!!
So this new school needs a coach for 5 months. We drove out there during a sleet storm
so she could interview for the job. They were very impressed with her- and she GOT THE JOB!
She has to be back on Monday to start the new job. She is so happy!!!

So we drove home Tuesday during the same sleet storm... what a drive! We made it safe and my advise is- if you have to drive during sleet and snow- get the windshield washer fluid with De-ICER in it- then just spray the ice off. It worked wonderfully.

She got to play outside with Bruin in the ice and sleet. He will not be able to go with her to the new job... so she is trying to give him as much of her time as she can, before she leaves him with her dad.

She is also busy with the new baby Boer goats that have been born over the last 3 days.
3 little girl goats and one boy. There are still 7 pregnant goats who will deliver any day.
They named one of the girls Gizmo- coz she ate like crazy right after she was born.

So, we will have Kaleb's 1st birthday party on Sat. Meems will leave on Sunday to start her new job. I will go down to Texas on Monday to visit with my family there for a few days, then return to Tulsa, for the final days of my trip.
So I will post again in a few days.
Later Darlin'


Mama Koch said...

And if you tell me you came down the Turnpike and then drove west on I-40 i'm gonna be mad....

Mom said...

Glad you made it safe & sound honey! Loved those beets and made the best apple crunch the family ever et! It vaporized. I just know you're having a ball! Love to you and yours! Jeanne