Thursday, December 18, 2008

A visitor and tree decorations

Last weekend we did a little dog sitting for a co-worker friend of Neo-Mans.
They have a Cavalier King Charles puppy- Isabella (Izzy) and she is almost 6 months old.
Izzy's family was going to Hershey Park for the Christmas lights and staying the night, so we wanted to watch Izzy for them.

She is the same color as Duke, but hasn't got the curls yet. And she is way more vocal than he or Tasha. She was funny....

Duke & Izzy

Duke & Tasha didn't know what to think of this excited happy puppy that wanted to climb all over them.


It was fun to have her... she learned to climb the stairs- her family is HAPPY about that!
She is a good dog and we look forward to having her over more often.

We were putting up our Christmas tree and found the doggie Santa hat- so we had to try it on the kids... do you think they liked it?

Duke the elf

and Tasha the elf

I don't know... I'm not really feeling it from them... I could be wrong.
Mind you they didn't wear this long... but I did get the pic! Too cute!

I finished quilting a quilt for a friend Jo, she pieced it, and I really liked the pattern.
She needed it for a Christmas present so I was in a rush kinda.

Jo Kramer star quilt 12-08

I think I may have to make this pattern- I really liked it..

So now I am busy working on the Shafer's quilt... along with helping my DMIL heal from her hip surgery, and getting things ready for Christmas. So things are kinda crazy around here....
But the dogs are helping to keep her entertained and company and she loves it. They really do brighten her day!
Keeping Rose company

Gotta run, everyone is in bed and I can wrap gifts now!!! Ha Ha ha
Later Darlin'

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