Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting things wrapped up

I finally got Neo-Man to bring in the Christmas wrapping paper.
I have gifts to wrap and get in the mail.

I finally finished Kaleb's stocking. I was told about a stocking that they use for a lifetime, and each year it gets a new charm or ornament on it. So I made him a big stocking, like 30 inches long and put his name on it.

Kaleb's stocking 2008

I even put a satin lining in it...


I will get it wrapped and mailed off with the rest of the gifts.

I finished Seth's stocking also. I bought his and embellished it. It will hang out at the cemetery so I used the clay ornaments so they will last a while. I know this stocking won't last more than one season... so it is really disposable.

Seth's stocking 08

It still has some pins in it...
Once it is finished, I will mail it to TK and she will take it out to the cemetery for me.

So now I have to finish wrapping.....
Later Darlin'

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