Sunday, December 21, 2008

No comfort in curves here

I will never make a quilt with curves!

I know Neen has NO desire to do paper piecing and I feel that way about curves.

It's not like I don't HAVE curves... I do! Lots of them
To quote the movie "real women have curves"
(that was the 1st time I ever saw America Ferrera-"Ugly Betty" in a movie)
I just don't have ANY desire to sew them..... that being said-

Look at the quilt I just finished quilting. It is one that Nancy S made...
It is for her daughter and was really cute.

Nancy S- curves 12-08

she wanted a curly stitch, so that's what I did.

Nancy's closeup

I really liked these fabrics- which also surprised me... they aren't really my color palette.
They sure were cute.

I am still working on the "shooting star" quilt for Zack's parents, I should be done piecing it in a few days. Hopefully have it to them before the new year.

Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not--curves are easy! How about us making a deal? If you do my paper-piecing, I'll do your curves. Eazy-peazy!

I'm still in the process of quilting my Sassaman quilt. It's coming out awesome, if I do say so, myself.

Have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!