Monday, December 8, 2008

A sad day & a heavy heart

I am getting the fabric together to start a comfort quilt for a co-worker of Neo-Mans.
They had to say goodbye today to their sweet baby boy of nearly 1 year.
He was born early, had struggles this past year with his heart and lung defects,
and today the Angels came and took him to be with Jesus.
I can't help but cry.... My heart just aches for this young couple...
no words can ease their pain and the great loss they feel tonight.

I told Neo-Man I would make this quilt for them, blue and in the same pattern
as my comfort quilt for Seth- the shooting star pattern.

Just so sad. Say a prayer tonight for Zack's parents.

Another person in my prayers right now is a fellow quilter Marlene.
Deb at A Quilting Journey is gathering blocks for a quilt for Mar who is in the hospital, and not doing well.
These blocks are to be done in civil war fabrics, and these are my contributions to the cause.

Marlene's CW blocks

I have these all packaged up and will get them mailed out on Tuesday.

Lastly, Neo-Man had to get his haircut by a new barber. His old one Bart, is taking off to care for his ailing wife. Her liver cancer has come back and her time is short...

It's hard to remember: it's a time of year for joy- but a great sadness has stolen their joy!


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