Sunday, December 7, 2008

Both quilts finished in time

I have Barry's PP quilt finally washed and ready for him to pick up on Monday.
I must say, it was not as hard as I thought it would be.
I am really impressed with how it turned out.
And Neo-Man just can't keep from commenting on it- he loves it.

This is it on the frame being quilted. I echoed in the white so it made the colors pop up and I did a zig-zag in the border..


This is the finished quilt outside.


and for a different look- here is the view of the back side.


It has been washed and I will roll it up on a noodle (I got them real cheap at the end of swimming season). Barry wants to keep his Mom in suspense until Christmas- and she won't know what a long roll is...

I planned to roll up "Gina's Pond", just because they will probably hang this quilt and it won't have any creases in it if rolled. I put a rod pocket for them to be able to hang it. Tim thinks she won't want the dog laying on this so it will be hung.

Gina's Pond 2008

here is a close up of the log on the beach i made... the turtles are sunning on it.


and this log is floating in the water and one turtle fell off. You always see one guy stuck on his back... so I made one flipped on his back. He actually will come out of his shell.


I am very happy with both of these projects and I know the folks who get them will love them.

Now I have to get the spare room fixed up for Neo-Mans mom to come visit. She gets out of rehab on monday and can't go home while on the blood thinner meds. She was suppose to go to the Assisted living but they want her IN a wheelchair and rehab wants her using a walker.
She needs to kinda get her wits about her a little more, before she goes to Assisted living,
so hopefully being here with us will help her get more grounded.
We will hope!!! This hip surgery and the meds really took a toll on her- mentally.

So, I need to get this room ready for her month stay...

Ya'll have a great day!
Later Darlin'

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floribunda said...

both quilts are great, but those stars just knock your socks off! I'm sure they'll both be hits with the recipients.