Monday, November 10, 2008

I can can

No, I'm not dancing....

I have been doing my share of canning food for us to enjoy this winter.

I finally got Neo-Man to put a shelf up, so that I could store all of the food in one place down in the basement.

Here it is.....

Each of these rows are 5 jars deep.
The top shelf is tomatoes & the last jar of Neo-Man's homemade spaghetti sauce.
Next shelf is plain applesauce and green beans.
Then it's spicy applesauce and beets.
Last shelf is apple pie filling and peaches.- oh and the last 3 jars of my Almost Berry jam Syrup.

I have more apples to do and then I think it's just going to be pressure canning Neo-Man's sauce...


It sure is pretty to see them all together.

Howdy has that apple tree that still has apples falling from. She was so kind and shared with me...
and a friend of mine who wants to put up some apples... so I will be busy with apples again this week.
Howdy was making cranberry/apple butter this weekend and it sure smelled great!!
So I'm gonna try some cranberry/applesauce and cranberry/apple pie filling....

Been a long day- so I am off to bed...
Y'all have a good one!
Later Darlin'

1 comment:

The Rural Wife said...

OMG you have been busy canning! Mmmm, I'm eyeing all that apple pie filling! ha ha
Have you ever thought of putting some pineapple in with the apple pie filling? I had some at my favorite buffet and it's my fav dessert!
I'm still home if you want to take a break and come see me!