Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank A Veteran

Today was Veteran's Day.

I am a lucky woman.... and I know it every day.
This man is my Daddy. He is a Veteran- served 20 years 1 day in the USAF.
This is a pic of him in his early days.... (he is still this handsome)

I have ALWAYS been proud to have been raised a military brat. To me it was the best way of life. I have friends ALL over the country- and a few I still keep in touch with.

It was such a great way of life, that my brother Lee decided to make a career of it- and boy what a career he had in the Navy.

And it was at his retirement after serving 26 yrs that I snapped this pic of my nephew
Nick Navy- who is now serving in the US Navy sitting outside with Neo-Man.

I have 2 more nephews that are proudly serving in the Navy right now.

Seems the military is a great way of life for our family. They really make us proud!!

I am lucky because- ALL of my soldiers and sailors get to go home. Thankfully!!!

I stopped by the cemetery today to pay my respects to Vern, Neo-Man's dad who served in WWII in the Navy. We lost Vern 11 years ago at the age of 67.

Many families went to pay their respects today- but their veteran was not as fortunate to die of old age. They died defending our freedom and serving our country. Today is a sad day for them.
And to THEM and all of our military I say

Please be safe and come home soon!!

Proud to be an American!

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