Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Progress- slow but sure

The siding job on my house is in it's 4th week.
There was more prep work to be done than we expected. I am impressed with my contractor Chucky- he is very particular about how things will be done, nothing is half-assed. I LIKE THAT!

My house was once owned by a man named Tom P. He was a contractor, and did work on this house himself. He died a few years ago- lucky thing coz Chucky has threatened to kill him for all the wrong things he has uncovered... We call it the "House that Tom P built"- for instance, under the siding Chucky found a piece of plywood over a window frame. When he removed the plywood- he uncovered the window, GLASS and all. On the inside of the room it is a solid wall, he sheetrocked over it. So Chucky took out the window and sealed the hole.... it goes on and on....

So far the garage is finished. I don't have a full picture of the garage BEFORE but here goes- you will get the idea.
I am going to make a quilt block on a ceramic slab and hang it above the garage door.

I am really Happy with the color and the look. The are working on the house now. You watch-
I will drive right past my house once it is done... I won't recognize it. The new flower beds and now siding... If you haven't been here in a while- I will have to give you directions.

Kaleb got his first big boy haircut- just before he turned 8 months old. They cut nearly 1 and a half inches off.


So now, 2 teeth and a haircut and was 19.5 pounds and 26 inches. I'd say that qualifies as "Growing like a weed"


I am working on 2 baby quilts for friends that just had babies. Both girls.

I just finished a comfort quilt for Jo. Her husband Pat has a brain tumor and is in his final days.
They had no children, so friends are going to be her support network after he is gone.
The quilt top was made by my friend Neen and she donated it to be used for the comfort quilts. I put a border on it and it really turned out pretty. I don't have my wall outside to hang my quilts for pic taking, they haven't put up the gutter yet, so this is the best I can do.

I have 2 quilts to get busy on- I sold as Christmas gifts to the firemen who work with Neo-Man.
One is paper piecing and I don't enjoy it as much!!!

Well, gotta run. Y'all have a great day... And Remember- SMILE - It's International Smile Week!
Later Darlin'


Anonymous said...

You've been busy girl! Glad to see you get some quilting in even while the house is being fixed up properly.


Anonymous said...

Progress is a wonderful thing....

BTW, Bev made that quilt during our 73 fabric pieces challenge. I hope it is a great comfort for your friend. There is so much sadness these days. Prayers being sent up for your friends.