Saturday, October 18, 2008

A colorful trip

What a WONDERFUL time of year to take a road trip!! And what better place than The Appalachian Mountains of Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky.... words can't describe and my pictures DO NO JUSTICE to the vast colors right now.

I left on Tuesday around noon. First I went to W.V. and saw an old gal-pal from Texas that I went to HS school with. Sondra & Bill moved to W.V. over 30 yrs ago and have a beautiful section of the mountain. They have an Autistic son Hank who just turned 18, and now has a part time job as a custodian- he loves his job. The daughter Sarah has her own place and a job she enjoys. Life is good right now- could always be better....but knock on wood- they are good.

I left W.V. wed morning around 9 am, on my way to Kentucky, to go see Gizmo and pick up my pork. The had fresh pork for us, about 140 pounds of it and I was on a mission to get it. When I arrived around noon the workmen were there (amazingly) putting the finishing touches on the skylight in her kitchen. She had some major structural damage to her house and has lived through the nightmare of the repairs- all while staying in the "dream trailer" with Superman and 3 kids and numerous dogs.
This is her Cavalier named Rosie, she is from the same breeder mine are from. She is the Ruby color and is so cute... I sure could love one of her kind!!

So after a visit that was WAY TOO BRIEF with Gizmo, I was off again- headed home to New Jersey with my pork in two coolers in the bed of my truck, about 30 pounds of pull tabs she had collected and a quilt top for Howdy. I was cruising up the highway, enjoying the scenery.

I was in W.V. when I was able to pick upthe signal for my favorite radio station. I listened all the way home and was on the Delaware Memorial bridge when the Phillies WON the National League pennant.... once I got off the bridge I was screaming and blowing my horn...I am SO HAPPY for my guys!!!
Here is a pic of the next WORLD SERIES WINNER ballpark.

So I got home around midnight and on thursday morning I awoke to this.

This is the before Pic....

And this is the AFTER..... isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! We are waiting on the trs...
Gutters & shutters....


I love it!!! It was worth every penny.... and there were lots of pennies!!!

But I saved us some pennies.... we got all the pork we can eat for the next year!

And I am feeling piggish right now... I want it ALL.... The World Series and ALL!!!!

Later Y'all

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Gizmo said...

And you came through at the PERFECT time - we got a hard frost last night. Everything is going to start falling fast now. :(
CONGRATS to your guys! I have no idea what's going on with anything....other than the house.:(
I'm so glad you're happy with the pork. The next one/s will be bigger!!!
The house looks FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see it.
Be careful what you wish for....I hear Rosie has some siblings on the way. ;)