Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It All Changes Tonight

This is what we have been waiting and cheering for ALL year. All of the fans of the Phillies...We are going to the WORLD SERIES...

Well really, the boys are doing it. They played their hardest and fought the fight ALL the way through the season... into post season... and now into the World Series.

I can't describe how overjoyed I am at the thought of MY team winning the World Series.
I have always been a baseball fan. I love the game. My favorite day of the year falls right around Valentine's Day- the day pitchers and catchers report to spring training! :) For 4 hours each night I am taken away from my regular life and given a reason to be excited and anxious, overjoyed and perturbed. I pace, I yell out at the players and Umps (like they could
hear me) and I cheer loudly. I listen to nearly EVERY game on the radio, and sometimes watch on tv. I walk around with a little radio and an earbud, doing whatever but keeping up with the game.
I once took a radio to a Fleetwood Mac concert in the park- Curt Shilling was then with the Phillies, and he was trying the break JR Richards strikeout record of 313 for the season... so I HAD TO LISTEN!! And keep everyone around me updated... He did it and we all had a great night.

It is not easy being a fan in Philadelphia!
These folks have been let down SO MANY times by their sports teams, that they are very negative about success. They want to believe, but it's hard for them- to wear their heart on their sleeve only to have it ripped off, as it has in the past. Football, hockey, baseball & basketball... all big let downs... they get SO CLOSE and choke.
I always have a positive attitude about the game- I believe all the way to the last out that we can win it. Which makes me a target for comments from the typical fan here.

That's okay, I have enough faith in these guys, that I have converted the non-believers this year, and helped them come to the promise land... THE WORLD SERIES!!

It is a 7 game series. I hope they win it in 4, but it could go all 7.
I believe my Phillies will take it all and be rewarded for a GREAT season.

Never say die... you GOTTA BELIEVE!!

I always have and I always will!

Let's Go Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night they told us the Phillies announcer Richie "Whitey" Ashburn died- I received a text from an old friend. She asked how I was. I answered that "The man who shared my passi
on and whispered in my ear nightly just died" moments later my phone rang and she said WHO?
When I told her, she just laughed and said "you are crazy!"

Yep- that's me, CRAZY ABOUT MY PHILLIES!!!

Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that one night, the series is going to be delayed by Bambam's propaganda, for a ½ hour. (for 30M hard earned dollars) He doesn't care if you mind the interruption.

I'm just sayin'.......

Good luck to "your" Phillies! We Red Sox fans waited for a looooooong time, also.But, it's worth it.

Speaking of fans being negative, I think the worse fans are the NY Yankee fans. They are sooo darn rude to their team that I can't stand to watch the games on TV...

I have a question, though. Do you know why they call the games, the "WORLD SERIES?" I have never figured that out...